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First and foremost of my goals is, at the end of each project to walk away from a dream fulfilled.

The Relationship

Any project should be fun for both the Client and the Architect.

One of the essential conditions for having a good project is to listen. Proof of an Architect listening is a good Architectural Program.

The Architect should be first to put on "paper" the design resulted from Listening. The Owner should see in the design his dreams fulfilled to the extent of realistic expectations coming from obeying laws and available budgets.

The Client should be confident that he or she will always be informed about all aspects of design.

The Architect should have the obligation to make the Client aware of his difference in opinion or approach with concreate solutions for Client's review and approval.

Ultimately the design shall be an expression of client's requests expressed through the complete effort and talent of the Architect in the best possible way providing no code, ordinance or law is broken in the process.

The Building

Light... If a building doesn't have light, it doesn't have life. By using light giving elements, I bring the outside in, and incorporate the sky, the sun, and the landscape into my designs.

Space... I can manipulate spaces, turning problems into assets, so the completed design feels natural. The exciting spaces I create are both practical and logical for their intended functions.

Flow... The building must flow. When the layout of a building really works, visitors will be naturally drawn towards the areas they came to visit or use. They will not have to wander which way to go.

Balance... My first encounter with any site is to discover how to balance my design with the natural surroundings. I strive to incorporate the color of the earth and the vegetation, natural slopes, established trees, and dramatic rocks. I also exploit to the maximum all beautiful views and camouflage any eyesores.


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